Ethiopia Breaks World Record By Planting 353 Million Trees in 12 Hours

Ethiopia Breaks World Record By Planting 353 Million Trees in 12 Hours.

Ethiopia set a new record by seedling more than 353 million trees in a single day on July 29, 2019. Previously the record was in the hand of Indians who were able to plant more than 66 million trees in day. Ethiopia achieved this feat by officially closing government offices so that everyone participates in the program. 

Among the trees planted Oromoia region takes the lions share by planting more than 211 million trees. Where as Amhara region achieved to plant more than 87 million trees. Even the capital city, Addis Ababa, planted about 3.1 million trees. 

This reafforestation plan will enhance the forest coverage of the country as well as helping to reduce the effect of environmental change. This could be a blue print for the country and for Africa in general towl work towards afforesting the continent where drought has potential consequences by exposing the nations for famine and other related problems.

Later on the day the prime minster of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed thanked all the society who participated on Green Legacy to plant trees. And he promised his government will word towards making the country better and prosper in every aspect in order to make it a better place to live in. He also mentioned that this will create topic for Western to talk about Ethiopia and make them eager to visit the country.

This was among many reforms made by the young and energetic prime minster Doctor Abiy Ahmed as part of reafforesting the country. 

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