“It was Zemen Alemseged who made me famous.” Singer Selamawit Yohannes

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“It was Zemen Alemseged who made me famous.” Singer Selamawit Yohannes


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Today is Meskel 'the finding of true cross' celebrated among Ethiopian Orthodox community and as a new year among many other nationalities of the country. 

Number 6: Tamirat Desta

Tamirat was a talented singer as well as a song writer which contributed in many other artists work. The first album released by Tamirat was titled as 'Anleyayim' which gives him a privilege to sit at the very top of artists in the country and brought him wealth and fame at the same time. There were various ladies who fell in love with him as he was young, handsome and amazing singer. This album has a lot of beautiful songs such as 'Hakime nesh'- you are my medicine, 'Ye Liben' - to whom I tell what I feel in my heart, 'Egnan new mayet'- You have to see how we flow together after long time apart. 

Tamirat dropped his second album ten years later in 2014 which was titled as "Keza Sefer" which can be translated as 'That Neighborhood'.  Like the first album his second also has got many favored songs such as 'Lijemamregn new' which can be loosely translated as 'It is about to start',  and 'Selina' a song made with two languages. Honestly speaking Selina was his best song from this brand new album. It is a love song for his fiance living in another country, in his context Eritrea. 

Tamirat died in April 2018 where he was seeking medical support for his tonsillitis, but he died after wards for unknown reason. The news has shocked the whole country as no has ever heard of him being sick which may result for death. He was a father of six kids. Here is the very best song of Tamirat Desta. 

Number 5: Alli Birra

Ali Bira is a famous Afaan Oromoo singer who was born I love city called Diredawa in 1947. Ali is not just a singer, he is also a poet, nationalist, song writer and a well known composer. Ali joined a cultural group engaged in promoting Oromo culture and the language of Afaan Oromoo unofficially known as 'Afran Qallo' when he was just a 13 years old boy. in 1996 the government officially banned the group and even arrested its members where Ali escaped and moved from Dire to Addis Ababa.

He settled in Addis Ababa and continued to sing many memorable songs which are more of nationalist in nature. He was also part of Kibur Zebegna which consists of artists such as Bizunesh Bekele, Mohammud Ahmed and Tilahun Gesesse.

Some of the very best songs by Ali are: Yaa Hundee Bareeda - The beautiful seed, this song is a nationalist song which aimed at creating awareness among the young generation about resisting the repressive government. Also Yaa Finxee Midhagaa - The sweet bitter self, is his best song.  

The other successful hits recorded by Ali were "Hin Yaadin", "Asabalee", "Ammalelee", and "Gamachu". He is also a role model for many youngsters to follow his foot steps before rising to fame. Recently Ali Birra released a music video named as 'Siyaadekaa' with a talented singer Helen Berhe. You can watch this video here.

Synergy PM Abiy Ahmed new book 
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote a new book called Medemer or synergy will be released this week.
Full information about the book.

Sport News:
The European qualification is under way. There were surprise results here and there. It started with Belgium beating their opponent by scoring nine without conceding. Romelu Lukaku, the former Man United player, was among the scorers for Belgium side. The other surprise result was Spain drawing late after conceding from a penalty spot. Switzerland was not lucky to be on the wrong side of the defeat as they were the better side all afternoon.
Previous results:
Diego Costa scored four goals as Real Madrid were embarrassed 7-3 by rivals Athletic Madrid in the final match of their United States tour in New Jersey on Friday. Atleti sold Antonio Griezman to but they look a better team than last year when he was a key man in the team. The fact Jao Felix joined then with a record transfer fee made them more strong as a team.

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Arsenal are undefeated in their recent five outings winning three and drawing two in the process. The latest game was a tie with AFC Bournemouth in which they won 1-0. This time David Luiz was the hero of the day as his headed goal proved to be enough to get all the three important points in front of their loyal fans packed at Emirates stadium. 
Manchester United yet again lost away from home to Newcastle United. Newcastle won the game 1-0 courtesy of goal from the nineteen years old teenager on his debut for the club. United are now without a win in their last 15 games on the road.


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