Seifu on EBS: Freweini Mebrahtu CNN hero the year interview with Seifu Part 2


Seifu on EBS: Freweini Mebrahtu CNN hero the year interview with Seifu Part 2. brings all the rumors, latest scores and transfer news in the Sports Arena. It also provides with local music, movies and Television series dramas such as Zemen, Senselet, Zetenegnaw Shi, Melset, Meleket, Dana, Mogachoch, Betoch and others from different TV channels. Some of the TV series you can get on SkySheger are EBS, Seifu onEBS, ETV, Fana TV, and LTV.

We always bring you sports highlights of different European leagues including Spanish Laliga, English Premier League, Italian Seria, Germany Bundesliga, and French League A.

Also, we will show you the UEFA Champions League highlights every takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday evening as well as UEFA Europa league every Thursday. In this year's edition, there are teams such as Manchester United and Arsenal participating in Europa League which would make the competition much more attractive compared to the previous seasons.

We also present you Local News, which are more of nonpolitical and those contents that can help people to grow mentally and develop love among brothers and sisters.

Sanco Gebre 'Atasayugn' concert in Amsterdam Holland. This an amazing live performance by famous young singer Selam. is among the leading sites in Ethiopia in terms of providing Ethiopians with multidimensional access to the entertainment and information that matters to them. The vast majority of our contents focus on entertaining our visitors. Hiwot has particularly proven its value when it comes to keeping the worldwide Ethiopian Diaspora connected to their home country. It is obvious that everyone deserves a genuinely detailed, quality and on-time information about what they are concerned about. In this regard, we are up there with our proven track record of providing balanced information and educational contents.

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Seifu on EBS
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