Seifu on EBS : This weeks hot issues including green legacy


Seifu on EBS : This weeks hot issues including green legacy.

Seifu Fantahun is former ETV journalist who presents etv music every Saturday evening. Also he was acting in Ethiopian national theater with the likes of Engdazer Nega before he changed his mind to follow a different path.

Seifu show started few years back and its main purpose is to promote young artists, actors and actresses. He also invite popular figures to share their experience to the audience.

This video shows this weeks hot issues including Ethiopian green legacy and other summer stuffs. 

We at Skysheger are really overwhelmed by the fact that we are able to bring such a highly anticipated song at your convenience. Skysheger is committed to presenting best contents from around the country and beyond. 

Skysheger always try to come up with something that could add value to its users. As a trusted site, we are delighted to inform our visitors that we have got guarantee to show all kana Television dramas starting from next season. This agreement has took time due to the fact that it included a lot of complex rules, agreements and merits of both the show owner and our website including our hosting partners.

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We at Skysheger would like to beg all our fans, visitors and partners to plant a tree on July 29, 2019 as part of planting 200 million trees for Ethiopian green legacy vision. It is expected that all Ethiopians are fulfilling the dream of making the country green and great again. If we can achieve this it helps our country to attract investment and tourism which will directly support in making the economy better again. We believe all Ethiopians deserve to live a peaceful, prosperous and wonderful life.

Seifu on EBS
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