Ejgayehu Shebabaw (Gigi) Amnalehu | Amazing Song


Ejgayehu Shebabaw also known as Gigi is a famous Ethiopian singer living in the USA. She is the queen of soul and pop music in her homeland and beyond. All of her songs are made to warmth the soul.

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Top Ten Ethiopian Singers

Music is all about emotion, love, beauty and a thing that melts the soul. In Ethiopia, to be a successful musician you must work hard and hard. But still, you need the luck to come out and reach the audience. There are many more talents at every house which did not attract from any one else. Still as a professional musician, you must try all your best until your time comes and you rip for what you sow.

It is obvious that talent plays a great role to be successful in every aspect of life. But commitment is what separates you from the rest. A committed person can achieve much more than a talented but lazy person. It is ideal if talent meets commitment as it could shine upon the top of the hill. That is why mathematicians say try again and again till you solve it. You are not trying you do not even know where your fault is at all. In any means those who push themselves out of their comfort zone are possibly there to get their reward for their effort.

Even if we take professional footballers as an example, even if they are playing the same game their success differ very much. Ronaldo is a talented player as many professional footballers accross the world. But his hard work and dedication separated him from the rest of the world. That is why he is at the top for more than ten years. His success started during his Manchester United days and keeps developing and more evolving after he joined Real Madrid where he achieved a lot of success. He has won five Ballon D'or and Fifa player of the year. Then he moved to Juventus last year for a reported fee of 100 million Euros at an age of 33. This age is where most footballers retire or see them selves in American soccer in oreder to get more money. But for Ronaldo age is just a number. Lets hope he will stay fit and fulfill his dream of winning 7 Ballon D'or.

When we come back to music, we have seen many heart taking singers and amazing songs. We can mention many successful western musician such as Don Williams, Anita Franklin, Sam Cooke, Whitney Housten, Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira, Eminem, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, and others. These people have suffered a lot before they came to fame. They had to do everything possible their ass off to fulfill what they are meant to achieve. I remember in an interview with Whitney Houston when she mentioned what she have been through during child hood which followed her till her last day of breathing before she made her name. In same manner Michael Jackson had talked anout how he was raised as well as how chnge in his color put him under severe pressure. Even if her was a millionaire whi many ladies fall in his love he was still a depressed person.

In our case, Ethiopian musicians have relatively easier path to success. Most of them are coming through theatre schools or local music bands which may start from their schools. Here is the list of famous Ethiopian music kings and Queens who are with out doubt got a place in the heart

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